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Korean Dueba Contact Lens are made with Premium Super Stable Quality Material by Computerized Lathe Machines with Cutting Edge Technologies, designed to manufacture Precision Safe Polymer Silicon Contact Lens with Comfortable Harmony between Eyes and Lenses. The Tinted Contact Lens secures comfortable touch and relieves Eye-Fatigue, functioning as the normal myopic Contact Lens. These Contact Lenses have a smooth, soft surface and comfort is assured with no feelings changed throughout, during hours of wear.

(pronounced Dewba) Contact Lens are manufactured with FDA approved pigments and also followed the Korea FDA (KFDA) manufacture and standard procedure.

A new Thai Joint Venture Manufacturing Factory, under the concession of Board of Investment (BOI) Thailand, has been set up at the 12th kilometer Bangplee Industrial Zone, Samutprakarn and production are scheduled by October, 2011 and Certificate of Free Sales, approved by the
Thai FDA on 22nd December 2011.

Dueba Contact Lens are Brighter than Snow and it is Crystal Clear with Vibrant Color Eyes, Twinkling like Jewels in one's Eyes.

Dueba Tinted Contact Lens turn one's Eyes ON !!! And catches everyone's Eyes with its colors and "big eye" look !!!
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 Genuine Best Selling Korean Dueba Contact Soft Lenses
Traditionally, Contact Lenses are basically designed to correct Faulty Visions. However, the Trend has changed dramatically with Dueba Lenses manufactured majority of Contact Lenses with 0/0 power, targeted mainly for Cosmetic Beauty, providing wearer with a much bigger Eye-Balls and a much Brighter and more Charming Colored Eyes.

Putting on a pair of Tinted Contact Lenses are like applying Cosmetic make-up that could boost teenagers and adults with full confidence for the day.

WARNING : Tinted Contact Lenses are NOT DANGEROUS, But SAFE and COMFORTABLE to wearer, provided they keep to the following strict procedures;

1) Always wear and remove the Contact Lenses with
(wash your hands thoroughly with non-cosmetic soap).
    Alaways clean your Tinted Lenses before wearing.

2) Never wear your Contact Lenses for more than
12 Hours a day
    and follow Manufacturer's warning on Contact Lenses life-span with a
    2-weeks, or a 30-days extended wear, thus to prevent the long term
    protein deposits on the surface of Lenses.

3) Pay close attendtion to ensure the
Cosmetics and Mascara does not
    come into
contact with the Tinted Lenses, when applying Cosmetics
    and Mascara daily.

4) Never wear Tinted Contact Lenses to
BED because it restricts the
    flow of Oxygen to the Corneas, which could cause Corneal ulcers or

5) Never
SHARE your Tinted Contact Lenses with friends, as harmful
    bacteria can be easily transfered and cause a severe eye infection.
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