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I have always wanted to change my eye color. What are my options with contact lenses?
There are an increasing number of options to change or enhance one's Eye-color or with bigger eye-looks, with Tinted or Colored Contact Lenses. There are two broad categories of Lenses: those that have sheer or Transparent Color Tints and those that have Opaque Tints.

Individuals with Light Colored Eyes can wear either type. Individuals with Dark Colored Eyes generally see more dramatic effects with Opaque Lenses that actually cover their natural Eye-color.

The exciting thing about
Colored Contact Lenses is that you don't have to even need visual correction (0/0 Power) to wear these lenses! You can have usual great eyesight with charming looks and still be fit with lenses. It is important to remember, though, that Contact Lenses are a medical device. Because of this, the fitting process for Colored Contact Lenses is the same as Non-Tinted Power Lenses. Measurements must be taken of the eye in order to determine the proper fit in Spherical Diameter size (14mm, 14.5mm & 15mm) and the Base Curve value from 7 to 10. Assessment of the fit of the lenses on the eye and the impact that could have on eye health must be evaluated. Once a good fit is achieved, then the Joy and  charm with colors can begin ! It is important to actually try on the colors in which you are interested because different colors have different charming appearances on each individual.

There are many Colors available from a number of different Soft Lens manufacturers. Some of the colors include the more traditional blue, brown, green, and hazel and much much more. There are also colors like violet, honey, gray, and aqua etc. There are Colored Lenses available in Spherical and Toric (for astigmatism) Lenses.



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Contact lenses
What is a contact lens?
A contact Lens is a small, plastic spherical disc, either made of hard plastic or soft polymacon, which is worn over the surface of the eye. This disc is placed over the cornea (clear part of the front of the eye) and helps to correct a visual impairment such as myopia (short sightedness).
Contact Lenses
(or Contact Lens) are a type of optical lens, designed to correct faulty vision such as short sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. More than 125 million around the world wear Contact Lenses and there are many different types, colours and designs, e.g. novelty lenses for Cosmetic Beauty (0/0 power) like Dueba Lenses, "Big Eyes", Korean Secret Eyes, Barbie Eyes etc., to choose from.

Many people prefer them to wearing glasses as they are quick and easy to use and convenient. They are particular favoured by sports people and those who have an active social life. Two other important considerations are practicality and aesthetics. However, wearer has to follow strict cleaniness steps before and after wearing them.

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