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Tinted Contact Lenses, particular in the market, so-called "Big Eyes", "Korea Secret Eyes", Barbie Eye", "Beuberry", etc. have become a big fad or Trend. A number of people, especially Ladies, use these Contact Lenses to enhance their beauty, personality, and self confidence, choosing the colour that matches their skin, clothes and accessories.

Contact Lenses and 'Big Eyes' are becoming increasingly very popular among Teenagers and Adults, even if they have normal eyesight (0/0 vision)," commented by the President of the Association of Thai Optometrist.  Approved quality of these Tinted Contact Lenses are
safe to wear, provided that strict hygienic procedures as advised by the Optometrist are followed.

The Director of Medical Device Control Division, the Thai FDA, the Public Health Ministry, said Corrective and Cosmetic Contact Soft Lenses are tagged as medical equipment and importers need to apply for registration, which requires approval from the FDA before distribution.

"The approved items should also be accompanied with a Thai Label that includes detailed product information. Also, look for a Licence Number given by the Thai FDA. To ensure whether the imported contacts have been approved by the Thai FDA, wearers can visit the website [www.fda.moph.go.th/fda-net/html/ product/mdcd/thai/nameimcontact active.pdf].

"Always clean and disinfect Contact Lenses after use. And always wash your hands before touching the contacts," recommended by Optometrist.

It is essential that Contact Lens users do not wear the products for longer than the manufacturer recommends. And, when buying Contact Lenses, don't compromise on price. Go for the ones that best suit your eyes and that have the approval stamp of Thailand's Food and Drug Administration [FDA]".

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